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Instrumental Music

Welcome to ACHS Instrumental Music

All instrumental music students participate in a concert band. All 10th grade students participate in Symphonic Band with Mr. Rueckert. All 11-12th grade students are in Wind Symphony with Mr. Hook. Rehearsals occur during 1st Period (8:25-9:12 MTRF, 9:25-10:00 W) at Centennial High School in Mr. Rueckert’s Band Room (1316) or Mr. Hook’s Band Room (1322). Performances include the Fall Band Gala in November, the Winter Concert in December, the Perry Band Olympics in February, the Spring Concert in March, the Drake Festival of Bands in April, the IHSMA State Large Group Festival in May, the Awards Concert in May, and Commencement at the end of the school year. Dates and times for performances can be found on our Calendar page.


Every high school band member will receive a 15-minute lesson once every six school days. The lesson will be scheduled during a study hall, a free period, or another music class. The schedule will be posted in the music area of the school. Assessments will be given once every six-week grading period from the method books. These assessments will be graded using the Wind Rubric or Percussion Rubric and the conversion chart.

Rehearsal and Performance Attendance

Attendance at all rehearsals and performances is a requirement. Unfortunately, work and other activities such as concerts, or college football games, etc. are not excused absences. Plan ahead and keep the lines of communication open. Students involved in other school activities are asked to keep everyone (band directors, coaches, and parents) posted and fully aware of events that may overlap and/or conflict. There is usually a way to work things out if we know ahead of time. Do not wait until the last minute to notify a director of a conflict.

Except in cases of emergency or illness, band members are expected to be at rehearsals. Because of the nature of band, there is no way to fully make-up what is covered within a rehearsal. Please schedule dental/medical appointments outside of band rehearsals if at all possible.

Performances are the real-world application of the learning that takes place in rehearsal/class. If someone is missing, the band as a whole suffers. Excused absences will only be granted in the event of illness or family emergency. Students who miss a performance will need to complete a makeup assignment. It is the student’s responsibility to know performance dates and to schedule work and their personal calendar accordingly.


Students should maintain a respect for the rehearsal atmosphere. If a particular action or behavior detracts from our ability to make music together, it is not appropriate for the classroom setting. Simply put, always maintain a respect for yourself, the facilities and equipment, and the others that make up the band the band of which you are a member.

  • Every band member should bring instruments, music and essential equipment to every rehearsal or performance.
  • All band members should strive to maintain a clean and organized instructional environment. Pick up after yourself and others.
  • We are fortunate to have excellent equipment and facilities. It is imperative that all band members respect and take care of their equipment and the school’s equipment. Students will be expected to pay for any damage done to the equipment or facilities caused by misuse or negligence.
  • ACHS will provide transportation from Marching Band Rehearsals that take place at Northview Middle School. Students that desire to transport themselves must complete the necessary paperwork and will not be able to provide transportation to anyone else. Please take care when traveling between buildings.
  • Percussion instruments are not to be played by non-percussionists. The percussion instruments require specific care when being played and can be damaged when played without the proper training and care.
  • All equipment, music, folders, and accessories should be placed in appropriate locations.
  • All instruments must be put away in their cases and storage areas at the end of each rehearsal.
  • Books and personal belongings should not be left unattended in the band area.
  • The Music Department is not responsible for lost, broken or stolen items.
  • Students are to remain in the band facility until the end of the period.
  • Food, gum and drink (other than water) are not allowed in the band room.
  • NOTE: All accessory items, including reeds, valve oil, neck straps, etc. should be purchased at your favorite music store. Always have spare reeds, just in case.

Rehearsal and Performance Schedule

One of the best ways to keep up to date on rehearsal and performance times is to check the CHS Band calendar page. Keep in mind that weather, room conflicts, and other factors can affect the schedule. Check the bulletin boards just outside the band room for daily updates.

Instrument Rental

Ankeny Centennial High School will provide instruments for rent when the instrumentation dictates. We are unable to provide rentals of flutes, clarinets, alto saxophones, or trumpets. The rental fee for each instrument is $50.

Students will be given an instrument that is in good working/playing condition and has been professionally cleaned. It is the student’s responsibility to return the instrument in good working/playing condition.

If an instrument rented to a student requires service during the rental period, it is the student’s responsibility to have the instrument professionally repaired. All rental instruments are given to students in good working/playing condition and are expected to be returned in the same condition.