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Jaguar Spirit Club

The Jaguar Spirit Club is a group of Centennial and Northview students who value and promote jaguar spirit in their schools and community. This group will gather a few times a year to learn and perfect cheers and chants in order lead the Centennial crowd at a variety of sporting events. Our purpose is to create friendships and positive experiences for students as they perform and lead the crowd to support their fellow jaguars.

The Jaguar Spirit Club (JSC) will have 2 events (minimum) throughout the year, one for football and one for basketball. These events will include 1 clinic, where JSC will partner with ACHS cheerleading and be instructed cheers, chants, jumps, etc from current memebers of the ACHS cheerleading squad. Following this, JSC will meet ~2-4 more times to practice material and for their performance at the sporting event.

Football game performance: JSC will create a tunnel (on track) for pre-game. They will then perform with ACHS cheerleaders nearing the second half of the 1st quarter and perform their own routine at the quarter break. After, they can join the student section in the stands.

Basketball game performance: TBD

For more information about the club and meeting times, please email Tammy Sass or Alyssa Howlett.

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