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Season Highlights

Players of the Week

Fort Dodge (12/1120)- Colin McAleer 20 pts, 10 reb; Caden Kelling 14 pts, 4stl

Newton (12/15/20)- Jaron Crews 20pts (4/8 from 3pt. & 6/6 FT); Chris Louis 14pts. (2/3 from 3pt.)

Marshalltown (12/18/20)- Jackson Snyder 20 pts (4/6 from 3pt. & 6/6FT); Colin McAleer 18pts, 12 reb

Ames (12/22/20)- Lio Aguirre 21 pts. (9/14 shooting)

Ankeny (1/5/21)- Jaron Crews 24 pts, 10 ast, 7 stl; Brock Jensen 13 pts (3/4 from 3pt.)

Valley (1/9/21)- Jaron Crews 26pts, 6 ast; Chris Louis 16pts (3/5 from 3pt.); Colin McAleer 10pts, 8 reb.

Hoover (1/19/21)- Jaron Crews 26pts (12/16FT), 4 assists, 5 rebounds; Colin McAleer 10pts, 6 rebounds

Marshalltown (1/22/21)- Caden Kelling 18pts (7/7 FG , 3/3 from 3pt.; Lio Aguirre 15pts. (6/10 FG), 4 rebounds

Mason City (1/23/21)- Lio Aguirre 18pts, 4 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals; Brock Jensen 11pts., 6 rebounds, 3 steals

Ankeny (1/29/21)- Jaron Crews 22pts (10/10 FT), 6 assists, 3 rebounds; Colin McAleer 14pts (2/4 from 3pt.), 11 rebounds

Waukee (2/2/21)- Caden Kelling 10pts, 3 steals; Chris Louis 10pts. (4/6 shooting, 2/3 3pts)

Ames (2/5/21)- Lio Aguirre 13pts, 4 rebounds; Colin McAleer 10pts., 3 rebounds

Dowling Catholic (2/9/21)- Lio Aguirre 17pts, 7 rebounds; Brock Jensen 12pts., (4/7 from 3pt), 5 rebounds

Mason City (2/11/21)- Chris Louis 24pts. (7/8 shooting, 5/6 from 3pt.); Lio Aguirre 19pts, 8 rebounds

Des Moines Roosevelt (2/13/21)- Jaron Crews 21pts (5/9 FG, 4/7 3pt., 7/7FT); Brock Jensen 15pts (4/8FG, 3/4 3pt)

Urbandale (2/19/21) – Brock Jensen 17pts.(7/8FG, 3/4 3pt., 4 rebounds; Chris Louis 15pts (5/7FG, 3/4 3pt.); Colin McAleer 12pts, 8 rebounds, 4 assists



December 7-11: Defensive- Caden Kelling & D’Eric Smith, Rebounder- Colin McAleer, Free-throw shooter- Jaron Crews, Great teammate- Carson Wycoff

December 14-18: Rebounder- Colin McAleer, Free-throw shooter- Jackson Snyder, Great teammate- D’Eric Smith

December 21-25: Defensive- Brock Jensen & Jaron Crews, Great teammate- Jaron Crews, Rebounder- Brock Jensen, Free-throw shooter- Lio Aguirre

January 4-8: Great teammate- Tyler Johnson & Jack Winkel, Rebounder- Brock Jensen, Free-throw shooter- Jaron Crews & Caden Kelling

January 18-23: Great teammates-Ben Kennedy, Jake Vessely, Kellen Nielsen; Defense- Caden Kelling, Jackson Snyder, Brock Jensen; Re bounder- Brock Jensen; Free-throw shooter- Jaron Crews, Colin McAleer

January 25-29: Great teammates- Lio Aguirre, Tyler Johnson, Kellen Nielson, Jake Vessely; Defense- Colin McAleer, Jackson Snyder; Rebounder- Colin McAleer; Free-throw shooter- Jaron Crews, Chris Louis

February 8-13: Defensive- Jackson Snyder, Brock Jensen; Rebounder- Lio Aguirre; Free-throw shooter- Jaron Crews, Chris Louis; Great teammates- Brock Jensen, Colin McAleer

February 15-21-Great teammate- Tyler Johnson; Defensive- Brock Jensen; Rebounder- Colin McAleer; Free-throw shooter- Jackson Snyder, Chris Louis


A letter from Coach Bob Fontana

An incredible amount of work goes into a successful basketball program and it takes effort and sacrifice from a number of people. Those efforts and sacrifices are greatly appreciated by our basketball staff. I personally want to thank my wife, Shari, and children, Madison and Spencer, for all the sacrifices they have made over the years for me to be a Head Basketball Coach. I am forever grateful for their support.

It was a proud moment in February of 2013 when I was named the Head Varsity Boys’ Basketball Coach at Centennial High School I feel honored to lead this program and to represent Centennial High School. There are many people and groups that have helped build the solid foundation of Centennial Basketball. Our administration  is very supportive and they are great people to work with. Our athletic director, Scott Garvis and the activities office do a number of things for our student-athletes that are greatly appreciated. Our Jaguar Basketball Committee spends countless volunteer hours helping with our team meals, our fan apparel, our basketball banquet and our fundraisers. Their dedication and commitment to our program is greatly appreciated.

Our ACBC program is going strong with approximately 190 young men and 21 teams in grades 2-8. The program was started in 2013. We have future Jaguars playing on other teams as well. We appreciate the time commitment of all the future Jaguars, their coaches and their parents.

I also want to thank our Booster Club for their continued support. It would be difficult to operate our program without the support of the Booster Club. Their efforts are greatly appreciated.

Then, there is our coaching staff. I feel quite honored to lead an outstanding coaching staff. Varsity assistants Ben Lamaak and Mark West have been with me since the inception of our program, and I would like to welcome new varsity assistants Luke Den Adel and Garrett Skipworth. Luke  is a former player at Centennial and is in his third season as a coach. Garrett comes to us  from the Kansas City area after playing at William Jewell college. I am very thankful to have them as my assistants. All four have a great deal of enthusiasm and passion for the game of basketball.

Coach Matt Delger  and Coach Paul Pedersen lead our sophomore team . Coach Delger is entering his 6th season on our staff. Coach Pedersen is entering his 4th season on the staff. These two coaches are continually working to make our program better by teaching the game of basketball and emphasizing the expectations we have in our program.

Coaches Jeff Kelling and Marc Shalkowski enter their third year and lead our freshman teams.  Our freshman coaches are continually working to help our freshman understand the “Jaguar Way”. I greatly appreciate the time these men spend with our future.

As you can see, there are many different people and groups that have made Centennial basketball what it is today. As a head coach, I not only see those accomplishments, but I also see all the young men who are  dedicated to our program. whether they are a varsity, junior varsity, sophomore or freshman player. Their efforts are all appreciated.

As the head coach of the Centennial Men’s Basketball program, it is truly an honor to represent Centennial High School.

Take care and God Bless All,

Bob Fontana
Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach