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Welcome to Jaguar Golf

As a member of our program, there are a few guiding principles that I believe will take our program to great heights.  It is up to each of us to hold ourselves and our teammates accountable to these principles.

  1. We will win and lose with honor.   We will play by USGA rules; we will help teach our team mates the rules.  We will call ourselves on rule infractions, and we will not be afraid to call a fellow competitor on a rules infraction.
  2. We will respect any golf course that we play at.  We are always a guest.  We will repair divots and ball marks.  We will leave the course in better shape than before we were there.
  3. We will treat our teammates and opponents with respect.  We will treat the game of golf with respect.
  4. Throwing or breaking of clubs will not be tolerated.  Proper golf etiquette must be displayed at all times.
  5. Above all, remember that you represent Ankeny Centennial High School.  Do not put yourself in a situation on or off the course that hurts your teammates or school.

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